Speeding Up Internal Game Show Adoption

Quite frequently we'll get questions from current and prospective game show users. Recently, this question was emailed to us. We think it might help a lot of game show users trying to push for more adoption within their organization, so take a look at our answer.

Q. I love using game shows, but I can’t seem to get traction in my organization. I know my colleagues would love them if they tried them, but no one has time to create games. . . How do I get everyone on board? A. It’s hard, sometimes, being a game show evangelist. I know they can be amazingly transformative and YOU know that…but how do you spread the word? Well, like with anything, the key is to make it as easy and painless as possible. There are some ideas:

  • Organize a game show training day: Sometimes people will avoid a new technology just because they’re uncertain of how to use it and don’t want to take the time to learn. People are funny this way; we’ll stick with something less effective and more familiar if we can. Organize a game show training day where you can get up to speed and they can play around with creating their own games. 

  • Start sneaking games into internal meetings: Game shows become viral very quickly. Once people see them being played, they tend to want to use them for their own events, sessions, etc. Giving peers the experience of playing the game will make it easy for them to see how their own excitement and engagement can translate into their classroom. 

  • Utilize a Player version of Gameshow Pro: Gameshow Pro has a creator license version and a player license version. The creator lets you do everything—creating a game, etc. The player does not let you edit games, but it lets you play games that others have created and change a few features (and is a less expensive license). If peers don’t have to take the time to create a game—it’s right there for them and ready to play—then why wouldn’t they try it out?


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