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Introducing Gameshow Pro


Three Versatile Game Formats

... with more in development

I’ll take a classic for 500! This game organizes questions into categories with point values that increase along with your question difficulty.


This fast-paced format is ideal for covering a large number of facts and details. Add in slammers for exciting team ring-in.

Everyone plays along with AllPlay! This game makes virtual and classroom training fun, engaging, and measurable.


Participants use keypads, their own phones, tablets, or computers to submit answers.


Divide the audience into teams for a high-energy competition or use Allplay for surveys and assessments. Get detailed reports on how participants answered each question.


Works with most online meeting platforms.

The top answers are on the board! This face-off style game pits your trainees against each other for head-to-head competition!


This format is perfect for going in depth on a question or topic, revealing top answers to surveys, and more. Zany aunts and uncles: entirely optional!

Creating a Game in Three Steps


Create your questions and answers in PowerPoint

Use our template designs to create dynamic questions quickly and easily—or follow your own design. PowerPoint’s familiar format gives you flexibility to create questions in a variety of formats, import pictures, change fonts, and highlight key information.


Anyone with PowerPoint can create questions – even if they don’t own Gameshow Pro.


When you’re done export to a PDF and import that PDF into Gameshow Pro.


Design you game with our set-up wizard 

Our set-up wizard will guide you through:

  • Importing questions from your PDF

  • Selecting game board 

  • Choosing the number and order of questions 

  • Setting timers

  • Choosing the umber of teams, team names and colors 

  • … and much, much more.


In minutes your game show will be ready for prime time!


Let's Play!

This is when the fun (and learning) happens!


Gameshow Pro allows you to show the game board on a separate monitor while you control every aspect of the game from you laptop screen (like presentation mode in PowerPoint).  You’ll be able to select questions, view the answers, adjust scores, and more.


Optional ring-in slammers bring audience engagement the next level; teams and/or individuals can ring in, you can track responses, etc.​

We wrote the book on using Game Shows for training!

Our industry-bestselling book on how to best utilize game shows in your training. You'll learn how to pick the right game for your content, best practices for writing questions, hosting tips, modifying your game, troubleshooting, producing a game in a classroom and more!

With over 20 years of experience, we are the industry leaders in creating game shows for learning. We’ve worked with hundreds of corporate, government and educational organizations to create ways to make their classroom training more engaging, motivating and effective.


Our flagship product Gameshow Pro has been in used in over 20,000 classrooms worldwide and has been embraced by the worlds most respected brands including:


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